Friday, April 20, 2012

Employee Spotlight - Ben Lindsey

Ben Lindsey is our Used Car Expert at Jim Butler KIA. He has sold over 20 different brands of vehicles in fleet and retail automotive sales. If you happen to see an ad for a KIA vehicle on, it is probably Ben, that is his specialty. Ben has experience in the industry of over 10 years and is a native of Lake St. Louis.

When Ben isn't excelling at pre-owned car sales at Jim Butler KIA, he tries to spend most of his time outdoors. Ben's hobbies include fishing, biking, hiking and kayaking. As far as favorite sports to watch, Ben loves to watch extreme sports like the "X Games".

Ben has one brother and 10 nieces and nephews!

Favorite Movie - "Zeit Geist"

Favorite cars
Past- '79 Pontiac Trans Am
Present- 2012 KIA Optima SX

Saying to live by "Don't take chip"