Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing All-New Diesel Vehicles to the U.S. and KIA

Looks like the market is changing and more manufacturer's are starting to introduce diesel vehicles to the U.S including KIA! 

We've all heard of hybrids, and maybe some of you drive a 2013-15 KIA Optima Hybrid. They are very efficient vehicles, and they are only going to get better as KIA introduces new technology. Next up is the hybrid-diesel combo that KIA Europe debuted at the Paris Auto Show. It takes the efficiency that diesel engines are known for and couples it with the hybrid motors we use today for an even more efficient choice for your next KIA Optima. Hopefully this vehicle will make it to the U.S..

When the future KIA Optima T-Hybrid makes it across the pond so to speak, the place to buy it will be at Jim Butler KIA. Since the technology is still in the development stage there are no estimated fuel economy numbers but generally the combination of the stop-start technology, hybrid and turbo diesel can make up to a 20% difference in fuel economy (plus a nice power boost with the electric supercharger).

Stay tuned at the Jim Butler KIA blog for more information and news on the mass production of the KIA Optima T-Hybrid!

2015 KIA Sedona-The Luxury of a K900 for the whole family!

Yes the comparison might seem a little ridiculous to most but after you take a drive in both, let's talk. 

The 2015 KIA K900 entered the market in mid-2014 as the flagship for KIA's launch into the luxury sedan market. It is an impeccable automobile; 420 hp V8, rear-wheel drive, technology that is unmatched and Maybach style rear seats. The K900 is fit for a king, hence the reason why King James (Lebron James) took on the job of being KIA's spokesperson for the new vehicle. 

Now enter the 2015 KIA Sedona SX-L. As some of our Jim Butler KIA customers might know already, the SX-L is the KIA badge for the top trim level of nearly every new KIA model in the model lineup. The 2015 KIA Sedona not only lives up to that expectation but also throws in a some luxury appointments form the 2015 KIA K900. Let's look at the list.....

The 2015 KIA Sedona has just about all the luxury and technology that the K900 introduced to the market; Surround View Monitoring, Lane Drift and Front Collision Warning System, Heated/Venitilated Seats, Dual Pano-Sunroofs, Bluetooth handsfree calling, UVO info/entertainment system, Rear backup camera, power liftgate, LED accent lights and Chrome grille/door handles/fog light accents. It is a beautiful minivan. 

The 2015 K900 is matched with a 6-speed smooth shifting transmission and a 276 hp V-6. Will it make your minivan a sports sedan? No, but it gives you plenty of power for doing what minivans do best and that's traveling! Take this van on the highway for up to 25 mpg/hwy, let the kids watch their favorite movie in the back. Even make sure they are as comfortable in back as you would be in the back of a K900, YES, reclining seats with footrest are integrated into the second row. Tr-Zoned Climate Control keeps everyone happy and at the right temperature. The second row even has optional heated/ventilated seats. 

Describing everything about the 2015 KIA Sedona SX-L is exhausting, and reading it will be a task. Contact us today to be added to our list of 1st calls when we get the first SX-L on the lot and we'll show you around. The experience of the 2015 KIA Sedona SX-L will be well-worth the visit to Jim Butler KIA

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kia Reveals its Secret Weapon: K900 with 650 HP

At the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Kia revealed their monster-powered K900 with an output approaching 650 horsepower. Fitted with a Garrett 2871R twin-turbo boosting the K900’s 5.0-liter V8 engine it deserves the title of “High-Performance.”

To accompany the new boost in performance, KIA developed a custom body kit with carbon-fiber inserts, blacked-out chrome trim and 21-inch gloss black wheels to give it a sleek and powerful look. The K900 also has a lowered Eibach suspension and eight-piston brakes with 15-inch cross-drilled rotors.

The interior is donned with tan leather and black suede accents. Monitors are mounted in the seatbacks, and the trunk is specifically designed to store a racing suit and helmet.

Sound too good to be true? That’s because the “High Performance” K900 is only a SEMA show car, and KIA holds no future plans for production of this concept, but it is still a sight to behold and shows us that KIA has a lot more in store. Visit Jim Butler Kia for the latest updates on all New Kia Models and the K900!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2016 Kia Sorento Says 'Bonjour!' to Paris

The 2016 Kia Sorento made its European premiere in Paris recently, with its style, practicality and technology making everyone say "Ooh, la, la!"

The third-generation SUV has a sophisticated new design that offers a premium look and feel in addition to more space and plenty of innovative features. Luxury permeates the entire vehicle, with the interior of the new Sorento featuring soft-touch materials and leather. Drivers and passengers enjoy ample headroom and legroom, plus there are advanced tech features such as multiple cameras for easier maneuvering and a tailgate that opens automatically when the vehicle senses that the key is nearby. The 2016 Kia Sorento also has a new, strengthened bodyshell that helps quiet noise and vibration, creating a serene ride. 
Three engines are available on the new Sorento, including a gasoline direct-injection unit and two turbo-diesel engines. Body control motion is improved with larger shock absorbers mounted vertically behind the axle line, and an all-new electric motor-driven power steering system mounted directly onto the steering rack provides greater steering feel and quicker response than ever before.

Can you picture yourself driving the 2016 Kia Sorento down the Champs-Elysees in Paris? Where else in Europe would you want to take the SUV out for a spin? Drop by Jim Butler Kia and let us know!