Thursday, September 20, 2012

Justin Johnson- Employee Spotlight

Justin Johnson is the Finance Manager at Jim Butler Kia in Chesterfield. Justin has been working with Jim Butler for over three years and has been in the automotive industry for twelve. Family comes first for Justin, but when he’s not at work or spending time with his loved ones his favorite thing to do in St. Louis is attend a Cardinals game. When he’s not hanging with the family and the Cardinals are not playing Justin finds time to enjoy dirt biking, motorcycling, and hitting the links for some golf on the weekend.

            He enjoys watching sports such as NASCAR, and NFL Football with his favorite team being the Philadelphia Eagles. If Justin could have any car from the past it would be a Camaro RS/AS 399. If he could have any new car it would be the Corvette ZRL.
            Justin’s saying to live by? “If you can’t take it with you then you better enjoy it while you can”

Wise words Justin, wise words!