Wednesday, November 20, 2019

L.A. Auto Show Attendees Will Witness Surprise Kia Vehicle Debut

Chris Bruce of reported on the blog last week that the brand we love to represent so much every day here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis has a secret vehicle debut slated for the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. From Nov. 22 – Dec. 1st, attendees get to enjoy vehicles on display, vehicle debuts, VIP guided tours, free test drives, and many other events and appearances. Unfortunately for the masses of curious and excited Kia fans, this release is pretty much under wraps and kept a complete secret. Assuming that the vehicle pictured here is a production model and not a concept, the most likely one to be presented is the next-gen Kia Sorento.

Judging by those photos, if  this is the crossover in question it possesses a bit more chiseled styling like the larger Telluride. Since rumors do suggest that the Sorento will go on sale for the 2021 model year, this could coincide with the timing of the LA Auto Show unveiling. Others have been wondering if a new Optima is in the works, as some photos floating around the web show the K5 as a South Korean version. This is the vehicle that we think would excite many: even though it seems it's always crossover SUVs winning the popularity contest, a new sedan certainly always turns heads at a star-studded auto show.

Some wonder if the Seltos is going to be the secret contender at the LA Auto Show, but it does  seem a bit less likely. After debuting in India this summer, there has been speculation that a North American version is possible. The current model touts a turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with 175 horsepower, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with 147 hp, or turbodiesel 1.6 – liter with 134 hp. For a truly epic surprise, many attendees would love nothing more than to check out Kia's pickup concept, but that is allegedly not going to be out for another year.

It would also be startling to see a living and breathing Imagine EV: the concept shown here is a coupe-inspired crossover that could soon be our brand's range-topping electric vehicle. The 21 high-resolution screens inside are one of the production elements that could be a bit difficult to pull off on short notice, but as many “dare to dream”, would be an impressive sight to see. The production-spec Imagine was slated to ride on Hyundai and Kia's upcoming dedicated electrical platform, but many specifics have not yet been made public. Even though some dedicated fans on various Kia blogs thought it was a bit strange on the inside, this is one amazingly handsome concept, and from a side glance looks like everything futuristic cars were meant to dazzle us with.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

2021 Kia Optima Official Renderings Featured on News

When spy shots begin their gradual circulation through the many avenues of the web, there are instances wherein they may not portray the exact car in question down to the very last detail, and that's ok! The reason why all of us on staff here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis are ok with that is because the sense of excitement that future photos generate questions that we are here on hand to answer regarding present and coming cars! Adriann Padeanu of had a few cautionary words regarding the renderings of the new 2021 Kia Optima this past week and claimed that they may be too good to be true.

Spy shots from August revealed the next generation is going to stick to the midsize sedan frame, so these renderings were most definitely not 100% accurate. Hyundai did a great job of upping their styling game in this segment shared with the lovely-looking Sonata, and so Kia will be working similar visual wonders with its sister model. We love the way the headlights appear to have LED daytime running lights, as well as the slim taillights stretching across the fastback-like rear end.
The 2021 Optima is expected to sport some traits that will make its profile more exciting, and many auto journalists and fans out there think that it could even make sense to see the Stinger lose its rear doors. We don't believe that this will be the case but do know that there will be some changes inside the cabin that will ultimately see the digital instrument cluster merge with a wider infotainment system. The lower center console will lose the now bulky gear lever for a much smaller rotary shifter, while some of the buttons will be taken away after their functions are included in the touchscreen display.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Autoweek Proclaims Kia Telluride “Rugged, Confidence-Inspiring, and Athletic”

The staff at Autoweek have long been experts at describing the good, bad, and the ugly regarding any vehicle that is rolling off onto lots for success or scrutiny. All of us here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis were excited this past week to see that they were providing an up-close look at the Telluride and that they were not only satisfied after driving it, but lamented that its ruggedness is so true that it is “confidence inspiring”. They immediately took note of how fantastic the electronic all-wheel-drive system is, as well as its other large array of smart technology.

With electronic all-wheel-drive, a very advanced electro-hydraulic coupling sends the power of the big V6 to the front wheels and provides more traction when it is needed most. If there is any sudden loss of grip, sensors will instantly channel up to half of the available power to the rear. It's so revolutionary because it can keep shuffling the power between the front and rear axles as gripping changes. One tap of the center console drive mode control takes you into “AWD Lock”, where the central clutch in the system locks in the power evenly between the front and rear axles.
The Telluride also boasts the very intuitive traction control system: it grabs the brake rotor on any wheel that is suddenly slipping, instantly sending the torque to the side with the traction. It is game-changing in inclement weather conditions and imitates the action of more complex front and rear locking differentials. We saw our fair share of snow right here in St Louis last year, and the Telluride has another feature to help when the powder begins to stick in the form of “Snow” mode. Snow mode directs 80 percent of the engine's power straight to the front wheels, and 20 percent to the rear to deliver optimum traction for these conditions. Also a big help in loose sand or gravel, it actually works to soften the throttle action of a heavy foot to avoid drastic grip loss.

Added to all this is nearly 8 inches of clearance, and this becomes an SUV that can keep going over many challenging surfaces that competitors like the new Chevy Blazer could not even fathom. The V6 on duty here inside the Telluride is a 3.8-liter GDI unit, with Atkinson cycle technology, and direct fuel injection. It cranks out 291 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque, which provides for aggressive off-the-line acceleration, strong mid-range response, and very relaxed high-speed cruising.

The four drive modes are Smart, Eco, Comfort, and Sport, and as expected the Autoweek team enjoyed the amped-up responsiveness and steering in Sport mode. It's large, proud, and designed right here in America: make sure to check out the Telluride's massive capabilities and tech features this fall, and take note of just how much you'll be able to conquer when you give in to the call of the wild!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 Shares 5 Amazing Stats About the Kia Stinger

Every week we are gleaning the web thoroughly to find reviews and news about everything Kia-related, and lately we found this awesome feature from!  Host Andrew Park is perched at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, excitedly preparing to tell us 5 awesome reasons to love the Kia Stinger. His first area of intense infatuation was in the acceleration department, as the video shows the Stinger blasting off without a car in the world on the slightly damp track. 
Prime Acceleration Power: Here the stat is presented with ultimate bragging rights that the car goes from 0-100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. The base model provides a 3.3-liter V6 paired to a smooth 8-speed automatic transmission and is by far one of the best values out there in the enthusiast-minded sports sedan segment. 

Beyond Imaginable Braking Capacity: With all of the engine power at the Stinger's disposal, you need solid stopping power to meet you safely on the reverse end. Here is where the Brembo 13.8-inch front brake rotors, and four-piston calipers, poised and on deck to slow down the 19-inch wheels boasting summer tires really shine. 

An Abundance of Cargo Space: Aggressively breaking through the notion that sports sedans are not that practical for the daily drive, the Stinger rallies moxie by offering up 40.9 cubic feet of cargo space. The rear seats are split 60-40, doing away with the need to compromise heavily between practicality and raw performance. With the liftgate and moon roof, you get a few added touches of luxury that seem to “take you into German territory” as far as comparisons between foreign rival models go. 
Benefits of Dynamics Stability Damping Control Suspension: The Standard Stability Damping Control Suspension is always working overtime to ultimately give you more control of the driving experience. Custom, Eco, Sport, Comfort, and Smart all the modes that are included within, and immediate adjustment to the suspension among other elements make a notable difference during the drive. Sport mode allows for the rawest and exciting form of enjoyment for the track, and will leave you giddy and tingling after every single run. 

Kia's 5 Year/ 100,000 km Comprehensive and Powertrain Warranty: One of the traits of every car we provide for our loyal customers here at Jim Butler Kia of St. Louis that remains so satisfactory is the warranty. On top of the comprehensive and Powertrain categories, best-in-class roadside is included as well. Don't forget to ask us about the GTS version of our luxurious sports sedan: limited to only 600 units, the 2020 GTS features the brand-new Kia D-AWD system, control logic, 720-watt Harmon Kardon premium audio system, and Clari-FI signal enhancing technology. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Latest K900 Praised by Automobile For Having “Beautiful and Plush Crafting, Primed Sense for Indulgence”

When the first-generation K900 hit showrooms 5 years ago, it was powered by a 32-valve V8, but despite its stature and purpose, at times lacked the promise that is needed for a true automotive home run. Arthur St. Antoine of Automobile mag now revisits the K900 in full effect, and claims out of the gate that it “offers enough goodness that budget-conscious luxe-sedan shoppers would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn't check it out”.

Based on very similar mechanics as Hyundai's slightly larger, ritzier Genesis G90, the second version of the K900 is a step up in space. It has grown 2.3 inches in wheelbase, boasts much greater legroom, and has a very extravagant vibe. When you are here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis for a test drive, don't forget to check out the benefits of the VIP Package: here you see the flip-down center rear armrest that includes controls for the power seats, audio system, and climate control, wireless phone charger and rear-seat ventilation, offering a limousine-style sense of luxury for everyone on board.

The new engine is the twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 that can be found in the sporty Stinger GT. Sporting 365 horsepower, it is not quite as powerful and potent as the old 420-horsepower V8, but the 376 lb-ft max torque number remains the same, and the engine pairs perfectly with the Stinger's 8-speed automatic and paddle shifters. When Arthur put it to the test he deemed it very quiet and smooth, with acceleration being impressive for a frame that is nearly 5,000 pounds. The turbo-six can power the K900 to 60 mph in just over five seconds, and EPA fuel economy is now up from 15/23 mpg city/highway to 18/25.

As far as the selectable driving modes, Sport mode firms up the steering and the ride, and also allows a bit more of the glorious engine noise to flow on inside. Smart mode uses technology to predict the desired responses based on what the driver is doing at the wheel, and Comfort is where the sedan usually provides its best all-around ride. Compared to the track-ready and salacious Stinger, this is a car that provides a refined and gentle ride, and a stylish outing to the symphony or holiday ball would seem like a perfect jaunt.
The Automobile mag gang ranked overall visibility as “superb”, and appreciated the simplicity and practicality of the infotainment interface. The display in the K900 is much larger than what you encounter in the Telluride, and the rigid structure speaks for itself at every turn. Elegance has many faces in today's car landscape, and picking the K900 as your upper-level crowd (and family) pleaser makes entirely a heaping amount of shrewd sense!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Forbes Magazine Claims Kia Niro EV “A Win For Electric Mainstream”

Dale Buss of Forbes Magazine is correct in saying that the push towards electrification in the auto realm is more firm now than ever before. All of us here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis and other dealers nationwide have stepped up and banded together to provide the best warranty coverage and customer service of any brand out there. Now we have managed to produce an all-electric model that the American mainstream can feel very comfortable in, and Forbes featured it this past week as an example of the very exciting future to come.

The platform is a cross between a large sedan and an SUV, dashed with a bit of hatchback flavor. It is loaded up well with features that give it a very high score when it comes to value, and it now really becomes the solid anchor for the line that one just provided a PHEV and hybrid. When a Niro gives you the range you've got left for a drive, we claim to be the most accurate on the market, and we will not keep the driver guessing as to how much remains.
Another much-appreciated element is the placement of the plug for the electric cord in the front fascia, as many EVs and PHEVS do. The difference with just those few feet can ease many frustrations when it comes to charging in a typical suburban garage. The Forbes crew also took note that many Kia models rank heartily at the very top of the yearly J.D. Powers and Associates rankings.

The Niro that Dale took for a drive was the EX Premium, which cranks out 201 horsepower, provides quick-charging capability for its front port of you've got a fast charger, boasts 17-inch allow wheels in the EX Premium trim version, and puts down EPA-rated fuel economy of 122 MPG in the city and 102 MPGe on the highway. He categorized the overall driving of the Niro as pleasantly sharp, and that luxury levels are quite high for a daily driver.

Where the Niro shined above and beyond for this group was the cockpit technology. UVO systems are a consumer's widely-chosen favorite and Apple CarPlay and Android come standard. One thing that we think you're going to love about the Niro most is that you can take the presence of cars like the early Prius and throw them out the window at high speed: it doesn't LOOK like an electric car. This is the type of vehicle that will ease the public's fear of the unknown and help provide a valuable stepping stone into what will be commonplace within 4 years: all-electric and Eco-conscious fleets!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Kia Telluride SX V6 Reviewed By Automobile Mag as “Friendly as a Golden Retriever, and Astoundingly Good”

Arthur Antoine of Automobile mag got his chance to test drive the 2020 Kia Telluride last week and admitted wholeheartedly that he was very excited when the fully-loaded SX model arrived on his doorstep. His colleague Jamie Kitman just the week before had said that the SUV was “astoundingly good”, and he was eager to see if the vehicle would live up to its promise and prestige. He began the ride in Comfort mode and noticed right away that the glide was similar to that one would experience in a Range Rover.
Once on the highway, he also claimed that the engine barely made its presence known, and thanks to the gearing of the standard 8-speed automatic, the 3.8-liter twin-cam V6 that cranks out 291 horsepower hums along pleasantly while cruising at highway speeds. When Arthur made the switch to Sport mode, the quicker throttle and steering response were noticed right away. During cornering the brake-based torque-vectoring system helps to rotate the chassis, and ultimately make you feel as if the Telluride is not as big as it is.

Everyone on staff here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis does pay homage to the ways how other SUV makers flaunt the go-anywhere capabilities of massively-rigged components and very advanced off-road systems. With the Telluride, our engineering team focused heavily on what we fell the majority of SUV owners who don't take flight from paved roads often want. An 8-passenger version with a second-row bench is available, and the second-row twin's captain chairs that come standard on the SX were ranked by this testing crew as incredibly comfy. The Telluride's towing rating is 5,000 lbs, and the driver's seat is leather-trimmed, ventilated, heated, power-operated, and within proximity to all pertinent controls.

Safety and convenience features have been knocking it out of the park as far as Kia is concerned: The Telluride SX sports smart cruise with stop and to go rear cross-traffic alerts, forward-collision alert, park-distance warning, lane-keep assist, and much more. The onboard blind-spot view monitor allows for the driver to access a live camera view to see if oncoming cars are right next to you or one lane over. The blind-spot monitor that appears on the head-up display provides you with a useful icon that lights up if any other vehicle is in your blind spot.
You don't even have to move your head to make it useful, and it is great for highway incidents where someone flies past your left. The final verdict for this test drive was that the SX is a value-rich vehicle with solid moves, and a character as friendly as a Golden retriever: Come to visit us this fall and see for yourself how punchy yet practical this SUV is, and go for a thorough spin!