Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing All-New Diesel Vehicles to the U.S. and KIA

Looks like the market is changing and more manufacturer's are starting to introduce diesel vehicles to the U.S including KIA! 

We've all heard of hybrids, and maybe some of you drive a 2013-15 KIA Optima Hybrid. They are very efficient vehicles, and they are only going to get better as KIA introduces new technology. Next up is the hybrid-diesel combo that KIA Europe debuted at the Paris Auto Show. It takes the efficiency that diesel engines are known for and couples it with the hybrid motors we use today for an even more efficient choice for your next KIA Optima. Hopefully this vehicle will make it to the U.S..

When the future KIA Optima T-Hybrid makes it across the pond so to speak, the place to buy it will be at Jim Butler KIA. Since the technology is still in the development stage there are no estimated fuel economy numbers but generally the combination of the stop-start technology, hybrid and turbo diesel can make up to a 20% difference in fuel economy (plus a nice power boost with the electric supercharger).

Stay tuned at the Jim Butler KIA blog for more information and news on the mass production of the KIA Optima T-Hybrid!