Tuesday, December 22, 2015

To Tell the Truth: NBA All-Star LeBron James Responds to Real Tweets about His K900

Cleveland Cavaliers forward stars in new comedic KIA commercials to prove he drives KIA flagship sedan

Let’s be honest: if you drove the KIA K900 available at Jim Butler KIA, St. Louis’ exclusive K900 dealer, you’d be pretty stoked. You’d be showing everyone your new wheels and the luxurious features without the luxury European price tag.

Chances are, though, that you’re not an 11-time NBA all-star and NBA champion. LeBron James is, and while many celebrities and athletes may be driving around in a new BMW or Mercedes-Benz with the gaudy price tag, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward drives to the games and around town in a 2016 KIA K900. There are some skeptics, though.

In the latest batch of new commercials from KIA Motors America, James responds to real life tweets questioning his legitimacy in driving a K900. James claims he was driving a K900 before he partnered up with KIA to be the model’s ambassador, and with the 2016 KIA K900’s upgrades and updates over the 2014 model year, fans still wondered if he really does drive a KIA.

In the newest first commercial entitled “Ten Mil,” James reads a tweet saying, “I’ll bet anyone $10,000,000 that LeBron doesn’t roll up to the games in a KIA.” James is confident in his love for the new KIA K900 that he’s ready to take the Twitter user up on that bet. He knows that since the bet was made on the Internet that is, in fact, legally binding.

James is ready for the user to “pay up” and proceeds to head from his house with an armored car, probably to carry the $10,000,000 back home. The K900 is “fit for a king.” Two other spots are set to air through the remainder of the NBA season.

The tweets from fans for the other spots are:

“There’s a thousand percent chance that there’s a zero percent chance that LeBron drives a Kia,” (“1,000%”) and “LeBron drives a KIA like I fly a spaceship” (“Spaceship”).

The K900 is starting to make a name for itself, and with celebrities such as James driving it, it’s certainly a luxury car that is both affordable and competitive with European brands that charge much, much more.

To test drive or order a K900 near St. Louis or to learn more about KIA’s luxury flagship rear-wheel drive sedan, call Jim Butler KIA today at 636-256-9600 or drop us a line online.

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