Friday, September 9, 2016

Kia Motors Takes Nostalgic Approach For New "Sunday Night Football" Ads

Football has officially made its return for 2016 and Kia is excited to get back in the game. For the third consecutive year, the brand will be the presenting sponsor of the pre-kick and kickoff shows that air right before “Sunday Night Football”. This year they plan to take a nostalgic approach…

Almost 30 years ago now, in what was called a showdown between the two, Bo Jackson tore through Brian Bosworth on his way to a touchdown run. Also occurring about 30 years ago was the release of the classic Tecmo Bowl. The two combined create something quite hilarious. Check it out for yourself--

“At Kia, we are always looking for ways to stand out, and using the Sorento to take football fans inside a beloved video game and bring two legendary players roaring back in all their 8-bit glory was an opportunity that was simply too good to pass up,” stated Michael Sprague, chief operating officer and EVP, Kia Motors America. “Sunday Night Football has been the top-rated primetime show for five straight years, and after our football-themed advertising helped push the Sorento sales up more than 13 percent in 2015, returning this year was a no-brainer.”

In an ESPN 2015 retrospective, this Nov. 30, 1987 game was coined as the night that marked “the birth of Bo and the end of Boz”. We give them both props for the good sportsmanship.

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