Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kia Soul and Sorento Claim “Best Cars for the Money” Award from U.S. News

When customers are flocking to our lot here at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis, we admit that large scores of them are concerned with the bottom line. What a vehicle really offers in terms of a low price and features is frequently the absolute most important thing on the agenda for many getting ready to purchase. Fortunately, Kia doles out the best in the value category once again: both the 2018 Kia Soul and Sorento were announced as the victorious winners of U.S. News & World Report's Best Cars For the Money awards. The awards recognize vehicles across 14 categories that represent the winning combination of value and quality.

The Soul was honored for the Best Compact Car for the Money, and Sorento claimed the Best 3-Row SUV for the Money in this year's sparring-off of value-minded vehicles. We are all very proud of this recent achievement, which shows how Kia vehicles are not only fun to drive, but possess the ability to boast a low total cost of ownership. The U.S. News and World Report rankings do the duty of comparing cars based on the elements of reliability, safety, value, and the opinions of industry experts. This is the second consecutive year of winning, and both of these cars continue to be leaders in their own classes, by offering buyers a smart balance of quality features, utility, performance, and comfort.

As the “Best Compact Car for the Money”, the 2018 Kia Soul urban passenger vehicle offers up a funky, fun, and longstanding practical approach to anyone's everyday drive. The 2018 model focuses on the expansion of available UVO eServices across the model range, and the addition of the innovative infotainment system to the Base Convenience Package as standard equipment. The Soul Plus Primo Package adds Smart Cruise Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking, providing a sense of unparalleled modern safety precaution, and peace of mind. The new Plus Primo “Lit” Package adds LED positioning lights and HID headlights to enhance the on-road presence and appeal.

The wildly popular 2018 Sorento SUV was named the “Best 3-row SUV for the Money”, and is widely-known for its stellar technology offerings. You now get a 3rd-row seat as standard on all 2.4-liter all-wheel-drive and 2.4-liter LX AWD models. The driver assistance features on this vehicle really take the cake: Autonomous Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Advanced Smart Cruise Control, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Dynamic Bending Lights are all included to keep your safety level at a monumental high. We are wildly excited to see our vehicles rank so high in a category of awards that is so crucial to everyday living: vehicles ranked high in the value factor are always going to be the innovative change the auto world is currently so hungry for!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kia Niro Wins Wins Honors for Green Car Journal's Green SUV of the Year Award

So many customers that come to visit us here at Jim Butler have a very important priority when they visit us to see about a brand new car: they ask us about how it benefits the Earth. A few decades ago, this wasn't as much a concern, as fuel-guzzling vehicles worldwide dominated local and national markets, and consumers flocked to whatever was best for them. Now as time has moved forward, and things have changed drastically, environmental concern has risen. Last week in Washington DC, car entries from Kia, Chevy, Mini, Mazda, and Volvo all did their best to show the masses their most Eco-friendly traits.

Recognizing environmental achievement in the auto industry, the Kia Niro was named Green Car Journal's 2018 Green SUV of the Year. From the moment the Niro was introduced to the masses last year, it has been wildly popular among those who are seeking a hybrid with stellar looks, as well as practical crossover utility. Kia vice president of planning and strategy Orth Hedrick commented that “we're thrilled to have received this special distinction”. This award truly represents the payoff for years of hard work by Kia to engineer a hybrid that promotes fun, is versatile, and economically feasible for today's driver.

There are many buyers out there who want to find something to drive with a smaller environmental footprint, shying away from huge trucks and gas-guzzling SUV's. The Touring model now comes standard with HID headlights, Autonomous Emergency Braking, a Forward Collision Warning system, and a Lane Keep Assist system. You'll also enjoy the benefits of a wireless phone charger, as well as adaptive cruise control. Powered by a hybrid powertrain made up of a 104-hp, 109 lb-ft of torque 1.6-liter engine, the pairing for the transmission is a six-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Motortrend remarked that the Niro is composed of “a seamless shift between EV and Hybrid modes”, and had high levels of praise for the multiple driver assist safety features. Quick acceleration, ample interior space, and a uniquely comfortable ride are characteristics that will leave buyers overly satisfied, and is perfect for St Louis residents who have large amounts of urban travel built into their schedule. When you check out this award-winning and family-friendly vehicle, see how the 7.0-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility will boost your productivity and media needs! Additional features such as 16-inch wheels, automatic headlights, rear spoiler, matte black front grille, woven and knit cloth seats, and dual-zone automatic climate control benefit you if selecting the Niro FE model!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roadshow by CNET Shift Award for 2018 Vehicle of the Year Honors Kia Stinger

If there is one vehicle that is definitely causing a stir right here in St Louis and across the nation, it is Kia's fastback sport sedan that has been hailed for its high performance level, practicality, and sleek design. The stinger is on sale now, and is set to completely redefine the category of the auto market that is populated by some of the most hailed European brands in the business. Roadshow by CNET announced this past week that the Stinger was its 2018 Shift Award Vehicle of the Year, beating out front-line competition from the likes of Audi and Honda.

It was held in the highest of regard by the editorial staff for not just being a class game-changer, but a car that is perpetuating the industry towards a smarter, more entertaining, and dynamic existence in the future. This is the top award category for the Roadshow, which is now entering its third year. All of us here at Jim Butler were closely watching as the categories of Disruptor, Driveline Tech, Cabin Tech, Safety Tech, and the top Vehicle of the Year were doled out respectively. Editor in chief Tim Stevens claimed that by the end of the allotted voting time, it was the Stinger's mix of refinement and power in a practical, attractive, and attainable package that edged it to the top of the pack this year.

Designed in Frankfurt and tested exclusively on the famed Nurburgring track, the Stinger is the cutting-edge addition to a fleet from the brand ranked #1 in initial quality. Sporting low and lean looks and a longer-than-average wheelbase, other very experienced writers from the Chicago Tribune lamented that while sitting still, it appears as if it is already in full motion. There is a bit broader version of the prominent Kia honeycomb handle grille, giving the all-new Stinger a look that is familiar to our brand as soon as you see the car arrive. When the folks from the Tribune took the 6-cylinder model for a test spin, they were rabidly admiring nearly everything about it.

Claiming that it “jumps from the line with a satisfying but not overwhelming warble that can erupt into a growl”, the test drive also provided a 0-60 mph conquer time in roughly 4.7 seconds. When you opt for a test drive of your own, you'll love the quick corner-gracing qualities of Sport mode: it delays the shift points, tightens the suspension, and even provides red lighting to the display to complement the existing interior color.

This is a car that handles curves and corners so amazingly well, that it just makes the urge to drive build up more and more the longer you are behind the wheel. Even in Eco mode on the highway, you'll get a quiet and pleasantly gripping ride, with very direct steering, and a bit of spare time to enjoy the leather seats and interior that has been compared to the likes of Jaguar. A performance sedan that is thrilling as well as it is stylish and practical, the Stinger is eager to etch its mark into your driving regimen: come check out what the most exquisite in engineering and development chops can offer up!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kia Telluride Three-row SUV Slated For Future Production

Situated in a box canyon with steep cliffs and and forested mountains surrounding it, the mountain town in Colorado that is the location of Bridal Veil Falls is one very scenic and rugged place. It makes sense that the new 3-row SUV being engineered by Kia will be named after Telluride, a town where high altitude activities and snow-capped beauty are enjoyed daily. reported this week that a production version of the Telluride concept is going to become a reality, after a conversation with design chief Peter Schreyer during the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

It's no secret that large-sized SUVs are very popular right now, and this fact is solidifying Kia's decision to explore further and act on this Rocky-Mountain inspired idea. The actual product could be quite a bit different than the concept, but should still remain pretty close to the original physical footprint. The concept exists on a stretched Sorento platform – it's 4.4 inches taller, 4.7 inches wider, and 9.5 inches longer than Kia's currently longest in the lineup. Debuting at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the Telluride has a traditionally large SUV shape, packed unique quad-lamp headlights, and suicide doors.

As far as needed power, something the size of the Telluride would potentially need quite a bit of juice to keep a plausible momentum. In the form of the concept, it was sporting a plug-in hybrid powertrain, good for 400 horsepower, doled out to every single wheel. Kia has a high level of experience with PHEV tech, so a setup that is similar could very well make it past the upper-rung drawing boards. As cars begin to provide more features that delve deeper and deeper into the well-being and comfort of passengers, the first two rows in the Telluride will have sensors that will provide vital information about your health.

Therapeutic light is going to be on board to reduce the drowsiness factor, and there are supposed to be controls for the stereo for passengers in the second row, via two silver arcs mounted in the console. It is true that many are in love with the playful and inept vibe of some of the vehicles like the Soul, an award-winning compact crossover that allows you to navigate very urban areas with ease.

Making the effort to add a big-and-bad SUV could really never be thought of as a mistake these days: even as the Eco-conscious are paving the way to more innovative and shrunk-wrapped ways to travel, it's true that sometimes big is better, or even best. Recognizing that the holiday trip across a large fraction of the continent or constant shuttling to sports games sometimes needs a bit of extra in the cubic feet department, the innovation and usefulness of vehicles like the Telluride will always be timely and well-received.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kia Forte Gets Stinger-styled Overhaul for the New Year in the Motor City

Lately here in the offices at Jim Butler Kia, we've taken many inquiries about the new Stinger. Many excited customers are asking about it in droves, and it is no surprise that they would: it is Kia's true and successful stab at an aggressive car that is a poised-for-victory sports sedan. Affectionately known as the “BMW Fighter” and Car and Driver made the claim that the car “floats like a butterfly, and stings like a bee”. Very quick-step agility and precision throttle-mapping combined with engine-sound enhancement make the Stinger a new auto that is going to be etched in the memories of drivers for a long time, and make 2018 a banner year for technological prowess and development.

This powerful punch of aggression is making its way to other Kia models, and at the Detroit Auto Show next week, the Forte will sport some similarly sporty changes. The headlights, front fascia, and shoulder lines all have a heavy dose of Stinger inspiration, and the taillights have a sense of blending right into the creases in the body. Drivers in St Louis who are looking for a car that is more than just A to B without flair will be delighted; from the appearance of the rims on up to the slant present to the front of the side windows complete a vision that just a decade ago would have seemed off-the-charts futuristic.

From the “floating” styled infotainment screen to the layering on the dash and the door panels, you'll also love how the interior meshes with the overall design. Weighing in at around 3000 pounds, the Forte has a pretty impressive power-to-weight ratio, and the SX trim is where you really begin to roll up your driving sleeves and get to business. Sport-tuned suspension, slightly bigger front brakes, and a quicker steering ratio will no doubt add exhilaration and a sporty essence to every single drive. The Forte does a superb job of keeping road noise to a minimum, and the very solid chassis keeps all occurrences of vibration under control.

Some of our customers thought that previous models of the Forte looked a bit animated, and seemed like it had a bit more playful instead of serious stance. The new model has a more sophisticated appearance, and awards buyers on the hunt for an economy-class car with stellar design and materials. Even if your passengers are 6 feet tall, they will still have ample room in the Forte, and also be able to make use of the cargo space behind the rear seat on trips that take you outside the metro into the wild. Solidly on the development path to a true “hot hatch”, Kia does a great job with the Forte of providing those of you out there with a passion for speed but a slight dashing of domestic responsibilities with an eye-popping and thrill-filled counterpart!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kia to Spill Details About All-Electric Concept Car During CES 2018

Kia's vision and game plan for future mobility will be gracing the center stage on display at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. Going strong for more than 5 decades, this is a conference that has witnessed more than 700,000 launches of brand new products, and sees ingenious new creations from cutting-edge companies such as Heatworks, Gametime Technolgies Inc, Daan, and Audiowell Electronics. The truly nerd and tech-inspired can check out offerings from Hyundai Technology such as the Kanabo Gaming Notebook: a gaming addict's daydream, precisely engineered to evolve the gaming experience. With Kia's current prowess in the design category and highly efficient battery-electric powertrain, the completion of this new concept will help the company take the brand closer to its goal of eventual electrification.

The future has rapidly been approaching the workings of the auto industry regarding artificial intelligence for some time now, and this new concept also features a human-machine interface, as well as an incredibly advanced 'motion graphic' lighting system. The interactive presentation 'Beyond Autonomous Driving' does a great job of outlining the company's plans for vehicle autonomy, and the ways in which that task will be supported by various autonomous drive technologies. Vice Chairman and Head of Hyundai-Kia Dr. Woong Cheol Yang said, “Virtual reality, self-driving cars, and full vehicle connectivity were all once considered technologies of the distant future. As they rapidly became a reality, Kia is exploring how to adapt these new technologies for its customers”.

Among the breezy palms and intense sun of Vegas during that weekend at CES, Kia Motors will present 3 different interactive, cockpit-style exhibits that are designed to bring to life the company's plan to incorporate new technologies to enhance communication. These new advanced driver assistance technologies will completely change the face of the entire industry, as well as put to use the powerful 5G in-car internet connection that cars will soon offer. Basically, you're going to be able to stream, download, and engage like never before!

The thing about concepts that can really engage consumers in a very positive way is that they are just that: concepts. Some core elements may change drastically, or the car may end up looking just as it does in its current prototype state. Lately, many concept cars have been staying pretty true to their original vision, and all of us here at Jim Butler Kia see that as wildly exciting! Many elements of the driving experience are going to begin to become more connected to each other, and we can all agree that the process of getting from point A to point B is going to soon involve less input from the driver themselves.

It is going to be game-changing and very eye-opening for the consumer to see just how electrification will really change things, and continuing reductions in battery prices will bring the total cost of EV's below that of conventional-fuel vehicles by 2025, even if oil prices continue to slide drastically lower. This year at the conference, it will be exciting to check out what's on tap for the future, as we all become more engrossed in the self-reliant, Eco-friendly, and corner-cutting technology that is rapidly becoming commonplace!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Kia to Develop AI Assistants For Cars: Unveiling Scheduled for 2018 CES

For quite some time now, homes across the nation have been asking “Alexa”, Google's pod-shaped assistant, to help them with tasks ranging from finding Chinese takeout, to checking to see how bad their commute home will be. This is a machine that “lives in a cloud”, so its always getting smarter, and updates are delivered automatically. The more you interact, the more your speech patterns and personal preferences are noticed, and you can also do things like request an Uber ride, or control your TV. It was bound to be only a very short matter of time until many consumers were anxious to have this type of technical prowess along with them for their ride, and Kia has already undertaken the duty of development.

Beginning in 2019, Kia vehicles will ship complete with a voice-powered virtual assistant, equipped with built-in artificial intelligence. Slated to be unveiled at CES 2018, the assistant will be named “Intelligent Personal Agent”, and will put to use connectivity that is provided by cars, combined with voice recognition software. It will also tap into user's other services, to provide valuable assistance while consumers are going about their daily tasks. Work has begun with SoundHound to develop this assistant, an entity that has already completed its own trademark AI tool. Already available to consumers as a smartphone app, “Hound” is currently one of the most advanced assistant apps in existence.

When rolled out to the public, the Intelligent Personal Agent will have the ability to tap into calendars, map platforms, and use other services to be able to predict what the driver will need. You will be able to be reminded of an upcoming meeting, or glean suggestions about when to leave your starting point based on traffic patterns. Control of heating systems, door locks, and other parts of the vehicle will also be possible. While Nissan and BMW are working with Amazon to add the now-familiar Alexa into their vehicles, we are confident that Kia's unique assistant will in many ways be the most useful addition to a vehicle in automotive history.

Every single company involved in auto production is looking to offer infotainment center-based alternatives to AppleCarPlay and Android Auto, in an effort to make sure that there is more control over the experience. Founded in 2005, SoundHound has their headquarters located in Santa Clara, California. During 2014, SoundHound became the first wearable music search product available ever, and two years later, boasted over 300 million users worldwide. When vehicles with such technical prowess and ability hit the market, you can bet that we will be able to show you all the exciting details right here at Jim Butler in St Louis: as the future rapidly collides with the present, options for in-car control are bound to dazzle even the savviest of drivers in their new domains!