Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Penchant For Problem-free Ownership: Kia is Ranked Most Dependable by J.D. Power Survey

Customers who have a desire to own the very best in premium vehicles are in a distinct and knowledgeable group of their own: they also have higher loyalty than volume-brand buyers. Many customers who seek us out at Jim Butler Kia also are the type who put a very high importance on a vehicle owning experience that is problem-free. Now in its third year, the J.D. Power U.K. Vehicle Dependency Study measures problems experienced during the first year of ownership, looking at 177 problems across 8 different categories.

More than 12,000 owners of new vehicles registered from February 2014 through April 2016 were the base of information for these findings. Some of the categories looked at are vehicle exterior, driving experience, features/controls/displays, audio/communication /entertainment/navigation, seats, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, vehicle interior, and transmission. The finished ranking of overall dependency is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles, with a lower number ultimately being better.

Kia and Volvo actually tied for No. 1 in vehicle dependability among every single brand, with a score of 83 PP100. Among these premium owners that have experienced nearly no problems with their vehicle, 58% say they definitely will have a lease or purchase the same brand of car again. Once an owner experiences one or more problems, that number declines to 48%. One of the reasons why we are so proud to stand behind Kia here at Jim Butler is the brand's amazing lack of design problems, and the fact that this really stands true in the long run. When a customer has an appointment for service, a design problem is sometimes not an easy fix, and if the owner has to live with said problem for the entire life span of the vehicle, they are not likely to ever go near the same brand in the future.

Surveys and reports such as this have also cited just how important customers find fuel efficiency: it is cited more than any other reason, and is the category of lowest satisfaction among those who own premium cars. Excellent and feature-filled models such as the Soul, Rondo, Optima, and Sportage are some of the highest-ranked vehicles that exist. Ranked 3 out of 19 Midsize SUV's the 2018 Kia Sorento is a wildly comfortable, top-safety scoring, and luxurious upscale ride.Car and Driver states that “transitional stability is what really sells the Stinger GT's handling credentials”, and that it's “everything you'd want in a GT car”.

If it's the Soul that ultimately moves you, come down to the lot and check out its 16-inch alloy wheels, UVO3 interface, six-speaker audio system, and Bluetooth capabilities. This is a cabin that stays very quiet on the highway, and a vehicle that was given a five-star overall safety score from the NHTSA. When equipped with the Primo package, the mid-grade Soul Plus offers up adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning for quick avoidance of dangerous scenarios. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Subcompact Sedan and Hatchback Currently Hailed: The 2018 Kia Rio Close-up + Pricing

One of the spookiest and most fun seasons is upon us at Jim Butler Kia in St Louis: we love when ghouls and ghosts rule the land, and some of the best fall-themed events in the nation take place right here in our metro. The Rizzuto Show Eat & Treat are some great family-friendly events that will take place at the Chesterfield Amphitheater, and give everyone in your troop an awesome opportunity to “get their spook on” At the Eat & Treat there will be local area food trucks sponsored by the St. Louis Food Truck Association and treats for the kids including activities, free Halloween bags, trick-or-treating and more! 

Kia customers have been mega-impressed with the very eye-catching European-inspired design, great performance stats, and low starting prices of stand-out models as of late. The Rio is a feature-rich subcompact sedan and hatchback that is a great choice for buyers looking for an entry-level vehicle, that still has higher-than average tech and handling aptitude standards in mind. Car And Driver stated that the Rio's high level of ambition for its pricing point was excellent, and that it has “a style all its own”. This was the brand we love to represent's best-selling car globally during 2017, claiming nearly 450,000 units accounted for and off the floor.

The well-seasoned team from Car And Driver took the Rio for a test drive on the brick-paved streets of Baltimore's Fells Point Neighborhood, and were very impressed with the level of abuse it took while handling numerous turns and other trials. After taking a close look at the market trends and what American consumers had on their priority list, Kia went straight for the punch, and offered a very able vehicle at a very low price. LX trim levels begin at $13,900 on the sedan and $14,200 for the 5-door, S trim levels begin at $16,100 for the sedan, and $16,400 for the 5-door, and the EX trim begins at $18,400 for the sedan, and $18,700 for the 5-door.

The fourth-generation Rio available during the coming year has significant improvement over its predecessor in passenger comfort, technology options, and overall design elements. Raising the bar in the small-car segment is what customers are looking for as many become more value-conscious: the bottom line is more important than ever when It comes to a new car transaction. Safety features such as rear-view camera system, and audio devices like a six-speaker stereo with satellite radio are what is offered on the tech side of things, while the EX trim level provides sheer upper-end gadgetry for fans of the best in automotive existence.

Come check these high-octane yet practical vehicles out during the coming fall season, and see how this upper-level trim experience provides you a 7-inch floating touchscreen interface, UVO3 voice recognition infotainment system, and Apple CarPlay capabilities. The vehicle choice for you could be the one that has a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: make us a stop along your fall sightseeing itinerary, and take in just how spectacular the Rio's vibe and veracity is!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2018 Kia Stinger: Pricing Plans and the Promise of Fully-Loaded Potential

With the advent and current release of the 2018 Stinger, Kia proved that they can absolutely craft a credible and thrilling-to-drive performance sedan. Many had been wondering about pricing for quite some time, as the reports were flowing in rapidly regarding how awesome the test drives were, and now there is a bit more clarity about how much it will cost to add one to your garage. The pricing on the 2018 Kia Stinger will begin at around $32,795, and that is with the 255-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. At this point, opting for all-wheel drive will add around $2,200, allowing you to embark on your journey a little easier during the winter slush and snow that can be common in St Louis.

If you have been greatly impressed by the buzz about the Stinger, you may already be clued in to how much more you can get out of the vehicle by opting for the premium package. Here you are able to pull off the lot with LED lights, a sunroof, power seats, navigation, and a stealth upgrade in sound system for around a grand total of $38,000. Everyone here at Jim Butler is excited about the arrival of the Stinger GT. With it, you get a 3.3-liter twin-turbo 365-hp V-6 engine, and the potential to unleash an abundance of tight turns and plenty of off-the-line luster. A fully loaded Stinger GT does run about $50,000, but keep in mind you are positioning yourself in a vehicle that Maxim Magazine bills as a “drool-worthy rocket”.

The Stinger gets on up to 60 MPG in 4.7 seconds, and has a top speed of 167 MPH. This is even quicker than a Porsche Panamera V6, and the result of really yearning for a “dream car” after years of very hard work and commitment. Executives, expert engineers, and very seasoned designers all came together to make this vision a reality, and bring the car to full and roaring life after concept years. Within the upper-level trim package, you get comforts such as a 16-way power driver's seat with head-up display, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control standard.

All models have rear wheel drive, and an 8-speed automatic transmission, with five various shift and throttle programs, as well as manual control. The esteemed auto blog Jalopnik raves “Good Work” regarding the Stinger. Motor Trend was very wowed about the fact that, if you don't require all-wheel drive, the Stinger is around $10,000 cheaper than the Audi A5 Sportback, a highly-sought-after sedan in the upper end of pricing points.

We all know just how big of a fuss the Dodge Charger created during its successful run, and just how many people the platform won over. The interior of the Stinger is much nicer, and we know that you're going to be converted quickly: as soon as January rolls around, get ready to enjoy the fruits of many full days and nights of research and design: this is an all ways a sedan that delivers track-style thrills and long-standing practicality.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Updated Kia Sorento Rumored to be Making Rounds in Frankfurt

While many who were avidly watching the beloved and award-winning brand we love to support so much unveil the Kia Proceed concept, the wraps were also taken off an updated version of the Sorento Crossover SUV at Frankfurt's annual auto show. Notable differences were a refreshed exterior with new front and rear fascias, a heavily updated grille, revised headlights and taillights, and several upgrades to the interior. A brand-new steering wheel design, as well as a revised climate-control screen are present, along with an updated 8-speed automatic transmission, adding two gears to the previously existing 6.

Kia did not confirm right away exactly when the updated Sorento will hit the American market, but we do suspect that the U.S. Model will also have additional safety features on top of the other additives for the 2019 model year. If you've been spending a bit too much time for the day behind the wheel, you will also be happy to put the driver-drowsiness monitor on board to use. There are many times after a long haul that you have to call it quits on your supposed strong endurance, and pull over to safety where there's a place for you to get the rest you need to function well!

185 horsepower is the four-cylinder standard, with the availability of a 240-hp turbo 4 and 290-hp V-6 as options with a bit more to offer when hurrying off the line. All-drive models of the Sorento can tow up to 5,000 lbs, and will not leave you hanging when heavy-duty pull strength is your premium need. We expect that the LX will still be a trim option that adds third-row seating for the comfortable addition of more passengers for your journeys.

On the current 2017 model, the addition of the LX Convenience package adds an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, heated front seats, automatic headlamps, and a driver's seat that is equipped with a useful memory feature: who doesn't love getting into a car that “remembers” the settings for the longest (or shortest) legged family member at the helm?
Last year's model showed consumers just how great it was to engage in a V-6 driven environment, while the SXL versions are equipped with HID headlights, a 360-degree camera system, and adaptive cruise control to help on the drives that lean towards the longer side of things. The automated emergency braking system that was new last year was bundled into the Advanced Technology package in the LX and SX, as well as the Advanced Touring package in the EX. 

One of the things that we noticed most about the Sorento was the exterior noise level: it was seven decibels quieter than the new 2017 Audi Q7 during idling, and we know that lack of noise is a huge deciding factor among those looking for a quiet commuter. Come see us at Jim Butler Kia of St Louis soon, and feast your eyes on the mid-size crossover that Car and Driver adamantly claims “needs to be on your shortlist”.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Leaps and Bounds of Commanding Commuting: Stonic Turns Heads At Frankfurt Motor Show

The sub-compact SUV category is one that is of grave allure: once a customer has owned an SUV, they generally keep buying them during the years to come. Enjoying the nimble feel, fuel efficiency, and lower cost, consumers don't always mind the slight difference in cargo and passenger space. Industry writers and techs used to joke about the “hatchback on stilts” feel and appearance of some, but this now a huge niche in the market, and here at Jim Butler Kia, we are currently watching the vibe and features that the Stonic will storm the market with.

This past week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was unveiled just how awesome and game-changing the Stonic will be. It's based pretty rigidly on the regular Rio platform, but has been re-styled with wheel arch trims, obligatory skidplates, and roof rails found in other vehicles such as the Nissan Juke, and Mazda CX3 varieties. Similar to the Rio, the Stonic is front-wheel drive only, but the nicely elevated seating position and noticeably raised ride height should go over well with buyers that love a miniature-feeling yet grippy smaller contender of their own.

It is been proven that buyers in this category have shown much love for customization: there are 20 different two-tone paint jobs possible for new owners of the Stonic. Interior color scheme is a very standard black on black, but buyers can choose from four optional color packs – each offering unique combinations of contrast upholstery stitching, and other elements that highlight areas of the cabin. The selection of wheel designs are available in either 15 or 17 inches, and features such as heated steering wheel and seats, cruise control, and auto dipping headlights are also available.

Torque vectoring, cornering brake control, and a straight line stability system to keep the crossover tracking true-to-form under heavy braking are all additives that will help you in various ways during your journey, and hill start assist is also available. The good folks at Auto Blog called the Stonic “big on both style and practicality”, and cited the large spoiler and faux skid plate on the bottom of the bumper as great assets. There are about 12.4 cubic feet of storage in the trunk, and you'll absolutely be able to squeeze in the direst of necessities and then some, no matter how long the haul you are planning to embark on takes you.

Commuters in the St Louis metro have been sharing with us their challenges for decades, and the sales and service staff here at Jim Butler have been avidly listening. Some of the latest drivers aids such as blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and rear cross traffic warning can also be added on board, to make you feel at your utmost safest while driving the Stonic. We hope to see you soon during the upcoming fall, when you can check out the new addition from Kia that Motor Authority deems “strong, safe, and lightweight”, and to finalize your plans for that new fall auto addition!

Friday, September 15, 2017

2018 All-electric Niro to Debut Soon, 8 EVS are Planned within Next 5 Years

A reputation for producing very eco-friendly autos is one that Kia has been cultivating for years. Along with their close relative Hyundai, they are looking to be on course to achieve the lofty goal of having 31 green car models in production stages by 2022. 8 of the planned 31 cars will be all-electric, as many consumers worldwide begin to look towards survival solely by charge, and cut costs while helping preserve our diverse and beautiful planet.

The electricity to charge an EV makes it cheaper in the long run, and the battery electric vehicle has a lot less moving parts than a conventional car. Servicing is not as extensive, and the absence of parts such as starters, fuel injection systems, and radiators make for a simpler lifespan of ownership. By making the choice to opt for a Kia EV, you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution that comes directly from exhaust, and literally pushing that harmful number all the way down to zero. Reduced harmful exhaust emissions right here in St Louis is good news for anyone that is striving to stay healthy and thrive, and you're going to love how vehicles such as the Niro run as quiet as can be.

One of the reasons why we proudly stand by Kia's decision to thoroughly explore the potential and positivity in electric cars is within the realm of safety. EVs tend to have a lower center of gravity that makes them less likely to roll over, and they have a lower risk for dangerous explosions. Kia has already taken great strides by introducing the 2017 Kia Soul EV, which is a show-starting beginner for many more punchy EV models in the future. Since the Soul seems a bit boxy to some, the release of the 2018 Niro is aiming to appeal to a broader range of consumers, as well as providing very enhanced performance capability. Added entertainment features and comfort level are sure to coax buyers into owning a very integral part of a sustainable future.

Having a fully electric car is many brands' true long-term ambition, and we hope you can make time to come speak to us about including one soon among your ranks. Safe to drive, cost effective, easy on maintenance, and lowered noise pollution are all reasons to consider purchasing one. The idea of not fueling up is going to continue in its newfound popularity: the many different ways in which the future will change are becoming evident every single day. Charge times will eventually become much shorter, ranges will become much longer, but the feeling you get when you hit the open road with confidence and vigor: it will always remain the same!

Friday, September 8, 2017

KIA's Fourth Generation's Primo Offering: The 2018 Rio

On the beautiful and winding roads outside of Lisbon, Portugal, the testing team of Car and Driver spent two days with the fourth generation Kia Rio, and penned their thoughts regarding performance. Their first impression was that it is “A car that's far more than an appliance”, and that the 4thgeneration was the result of a “Significant leap forward” on Kia's part. A great deal of the weight loss in this new version stems from the use of very high-strength steel in the front structure, roof region, and A-pillars.

The electrically powered steering is more rigid than before, and at the same time much more responsive. The hatchback choice gives you the benefit of very aggressive body-side line, and an overall stance that is reminiscent of many of the concept cars of late. We really love the work that has been done to the area between the headlights which are painted black, making it appear like a conventional grille opening, and the relocation of the side mirrors to the A-pillar. Technology features such as a 7-inch touchscreen interface and UVO3 with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto will assure that you will never be left without entertainment, and all of your passengers will be occupied for the distance.

Both the sedan and the hatchback offer Autonomous Emergency Braking, which has the ability to act independently of the driver to attempt to avoid dire accidents in progress. The system will usually try to act first to avoid impact by warning the driver of an upcoming situation, then in very serious circumstances apply the brakes. Also gleaning a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Rio is a vehicle that will ease your mind in the category of always arriving intact and safe as can be.

The exterior is a bit sportier in appearance than previous models, and the front end is rocking newly designed headlights that are swept back a bit, which results in a pleasantly aggressive look. Both the sedan and hatchback have been lengthened by just .6 of an inch, and have a bit of a sleeker appeal, sporting an ingeniously-developed shoulder line from front to back. You'll find 15-inch wheels when checking out what the Rio is packing in the undercarriage heat zone, and will notice how the distinct push towards the corners makes a difference when it really matters.

All of us here at Jim Butler Kia in St Louis are excited to show you how the Rio's cabin is also the roomiest in its class: valuable passenger space in the sedan is 89.9 cubic feet, while the dimensions in the hatchback measure in at 90.5 cubic feet. While you are looking for the version that best meets your needs, ask us about trim types: the LX, S, and EX are the various options you can choose from. 

Direct injection, a variable intake system, low-friction oils seals, and piston-cooling jets are other well-engineered assets that add up to 28 MPG in the city: this solid structured new vehicle from Kia is sure to attract the safety conscious and tech-savvy customers. If you are looking for a great value at a low price point, this is a recent offering from a world-class brand to seriously consider making your own!