Monday, November 20, 2017

Performance-Focused Post-Holiday Fever: 2018 Stinger Pricing Announced

The 2018 Kia Stinger is bound to turn heads within the auto market for many reasons: it's the first true sports coupe from the brand, and offers up well-thought and class-leading design. The power you have access to is obtained at a reasonable price, and it has risen to the challenge of competing with luxury sport sedans substantially. The car is a prime example of the brand we love to represent's commitment to surpassing expectations in every aspect. Drivers are really going to notice how this is still very much a traditional Kia, but the performance and handling ante has been upped noticeably.

A few days ago in Irvine, CA, Kia announced the pricing stats for this highly anticipated urban or otherwise commuter's dream. Here's the general scheme of how it will all be rolled out:

-Stinger begins at $31,900

-Stinger Premium begins at $37,100

-GT begins at $38,350

-GT1 begins at $43,250

-GT2 begins at $49,200

-All-wheel drive: $2,200

-Destination $900

Developed on the famed hairpin turns of Nurburgring and designed in Frankfurt, the Stinger is offered with multiple drivetrain and engine options, and doesn't skimp on luxury to deliver grade A performance. All Stingers come standard with a beautiful leather interior, and you can ask us on the lot here at Jim Butler how you can upgrade to the lavish and amazingly soft Nappa leather for even more comfort. The steering wheel is hand-stitched with multi-function leather, housing paddle shifters front and center of the driver. Every Stinger is available with a large-color TFT instrument cluster, and there's even a track timer here for any instances where you may be living out your speed-driven dreams with friendly competition!

If you are summoned to take the sales presentation on the road, are traveling for the holidays, or going to see all of the great things Missouri has to offer on the weekends, you'll be happy with the 23.3 cubic. -ft of cargo space, that can be accessed with the power liftgate, and even has the futuristic and ultra-useful Smart Trunk Functionality. The base Stinger and Premium trims provide a 2.0- liter twin-scroll, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, and it provides 255 hp, as well as 260 lb. -ft of torque. Buying your way shrewdly into the GT namesake offers you up a more powerful 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, which cranks out 365 hp, and 376 lb. - ft. of torque. These are both matched to an 8-speed, rear-drive automatic transmission, and for some in St. Louis and locations further north of here, all-wheel drive is available to conquer inclement weather on all trim levels of the Stinger.

To enhance the driving experience in the revolutionary and game-changing Stinger, there are Multiple Advance Driver Assistance Systems that all work together. Driver Attention Warning, Forward Collision Avoidance with pedestrian detection, Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go, and Lane Keeping Assist are just some of the features that will keep you safe at all times, and optimize every mile marker of your journey. The base audio system for the 2.0-liter turbo features a 7-inch touchscreen and six speakers, as well as Kia's award-winning telematics and UVO. Voice-guided maps, navigation, hands-free calls, and texts, and voice recognition are all features that you can enjoy via this technology.

With the holidays right around the corner and the promise of exciting New Year's happenings to boot, now would be a great time to check out the world's finest performance sedan, and treat yourself to an example of the finest in elevated action-driving authenticity!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2018 Kia Soul + Sportage Receive Highest Safety Props For the Year From IIHS

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded its most prestigious rating to two of our favorite vehicles: The 2018 Kia Soul, when equipped with high-intensity discharge headlights, and the 2018 Kia Sportage, when equipped with new HID headlights. For the Soul, the needed feature is available on the Primo Lit Package, and the SX Turbo trim is what is needed for the Sportage. To qualify for this honor, the testing procedures require that a vehicle earn “Good” ratings in five crashworthiness tests: these are small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side impact, roof strength, and head restraints. There also needs to be an “advanced” or “superior” rating for front crash prevention, as well as “acceptable” or “good” rating in headlight testing and performance.

All of us here in sales and service at Jim Butler Kia are also happy to see four other Kia vehicles receive the TSP+ rating from the IIHS: the Forte, Optima, Cadenza, and Sorento are all other proud recipients of honors. What the IIHS focuses on is how well a vehicle protects its occupants during a crash, and crash avoidance: the technology that can be used to prevent a crash or lessen the severity of the impact. This can all be very useful information when shopping for a new car, as your family and any other passengers with you will want to know that they are constantly safe. Many buyers we talk to use this data in conjunction with Consumer Reports, to assure that they are looking at a car that can keep them safe and well-repaired in the long run.

This is the Soul's fifth model year, and it is known for its fun and outside-of-the-box approach to getting around every day. The 2018 model sees the addition of the innovative infotainment system to the Base Convenience Package, and the Soul Plus as now standard equipment. Ask us about the Soul Plus Primo Package, which now adds Smart Cruise Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking. One of the deciding factors on the IIHS rating, the Soul Plus Primo “Lit” Package includes HID headlights and LED positioning lights to enhance driving on the road at any hour.

The Kia Sportage was just introduced last year, and offers advanced technology and varied options across three trim levels: LX, EX, and SX – while offering customers a prime choice in the subcompact utility category. Every trim level is available with optional Dynamax full-scale all-wheel drive, and the SX level adds an electronic parking brake. We are especially proud of the premium craftsmanship in every detail, and you'll love the upgraded seats that have scientifically calibrated touch points. Truly built for adventure, the Sportage stands out with its coupe-like roof, extended wheelbase, and satin silver touches. Getting away to the lake for the weekend or just the movie theater with the entire family for the day is a snap with the Sportage, and any professional or growing family will fall in love with its luxurious and sophisticated vibe. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Widebody Touring-Inspired Custom Stinger To Be on Display at SEMA

A wider version of the powerful and notorious Stinger was shown in public last week, and has already generated a large amount of excitement here at Jim Butler: its 2.0-liter l4 will crank out 255 horsepower, and 260 lb-ft of torque, enough to reach the 60 mph jolt in less than 6 seconds. This souped-up version gets an assortment of new high-performance enhancements: the nicely widened body, lowered front and rear suspension, gloss black front grille, carbon fiber aero kit, 21-inch forged wheels, wider-body fender flares, rear diffuser, and squared-off exhaust tips.

This is Kia's first true GT offering, and we could not be more excited about how it is inspired by the grand touring cars of the 1960's and 70's. It was designed in Frankfurt, and developed on the Nurburgring circuit. There will be a choice of two engines: a base 2.0-liter turbocharged four that generates 255 horsepower, as well as a GT version with a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, generating 365 horse. There is a choice of rear and all-wheel drive configurations, with standard Nappa leather interior, and an ample amount of space for any passengers that want to join you.

A few more features in the cockpit are also slated for upgrade, and you're going to fully enjoy the sensation you get from blasting around with a power sunroof, navigation, and a 720-watt, 15-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. Come down and ask us how you can add all-wheel drive to any of the trim types, and be fully amazed by the first performance vehicle this brand created. Rear-wheel drive models come standard with a mechanical-limited slip differential, while all-wheel drive cars rely on a torque vectoring control. This method has been proven over the long run to allow for much better grip on the road, for more accurate handling and launch.

When you indulge yourself with a test drive of the new Stinger, you'll be driving the first Kia ever to feature an adaptive suspension system. An onboard system is used to control the vertical movement of the wheels. In a passive suspension system, the movement is governed entirely by the surface of the road. These amazing technologies allow car manufacturers to achieve a much greater degree of ride quality and car handling, because the tires stay perpendicular to the road in corners, which ultimately results in the best control. There's gonna be plenty of reasons for any speed-hungry corner-handler to opt for the V6, but they both are going to have plenty of punch: The 2018 Stinger GT is bound to etch a permanent mark in our beloved brand's existence. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kia's Plan for All-electric SUV's Next Year Begins with the Niro

Every manufacturer in the game has dealt with the demand for electric a bit differently. We are going to be excited to watch how our beloved brand will shape itself during the days to come for demand in the St Louis area, as many will be lured by the potential of completely ditching stops at the gas pump. Kia's version will reportedly be equipped with a 50 kW battery pack, which could bring overall range close to 200 miles with a single charge. Overall production numbers are said to be around 21,000 for the Niro EV, a modest release to test the very futuristic waters with.

The Niro EV is slated to use the same electric motor as the Hyundai IONIQ electric, and a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery. The plug-in uses a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder paired to a permanent-magnet AC electric generator, and the model has been altered quite a bit over the last year. Despite a slower-than-expected start, the idea of plug-in cars is gaining momentum within the North American market segment. According to a survey during 2017 by AAA, the interest that shoppers have in electric cars is now nearly tied to the number of those interested in pickup trucks. 15 percent of those surveyed expressed interest in an electric car, and 16 percent had the desire to purchase a pickup.

The launch of the 238-mile Chevy Bolt EV admittedly had quite a tangible impact on the entire electric market, as competitors such as Hyundai and Kia observed from a distance the good and not-so-good aspects of electric cars in general. The efficiency of the batteries themselves is what is going to really change the face of the entire industry, and when this factor collides in a positive way with lower pricing, many consumers will express interest that may have not before. Even though electric cars have not quite disrupted the market in the way that some predicted they would, many think that the severe “bolt” (tiny pun intended) that shakes everything up may be about two years down the road.

Fans of NASCAR are always going to want to hear the roar of “real engines”, and we also wholeheartedly agree that pickup truck owners are another demographic that will in no way be won over easily. There are tons of benefits of a gas-powered auto, but many have been buying into the hybrid game as well, with crossover SUV's exploding in popularity over the last three years. Some experts say it's not a matter of if, but when, diehards that would never want an electric car will suddenly change their mind. As our world changes drastically every day, drivers are going to be looking for ways to make sure they are benefiting the planet, and not continuing to drain resources at an alarming rate. Kia promises to be front and center on electric developments, and the next few years are going to set the stage for a vital and flourishing future.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kia Niro Tops Consumer Reports Latest Car Reliability Ratings for 2017

The sales and service staff here at Jim Butler are once again excited about a Consumer Reports survey, and the results proving how Kia is a superior force in the longevity and reliability game. Some of the predominant findings from this year are about newly redesigned models in general: they are likely to have less reliable engines, jerky transmissions, or high-tech features that may completely fail. Passengers love their infotainment systems: they are the entertainment vehicle that keeps them ultimately entertained while they cruise to their next destination. But this year's results showed that on re-designed vehicles, people actually reported twice as many problems on Infotainment systems.

Cars such as the Subaru Impreza showed below-average reliability, with issues such as in-car electronics. Sometimes the rearview camera did not work properly, and the phone tended to suddenly pair without warning. GMC's Acadia sometimes produced blank screens, and in in-dash navigation system that is known for sudden malfunction. The Chevy Cruze was redesigned for the 2016 and 2017 model years, and suffered problems within the power equipment, engine, and transmission in terms of reliability.

The 2017 Kia Niro was the one that scored highest in reliability, a benchmark achievement for one of our absolute favorite vehicles. Billed as an “un-hybrid”, the Niro is a very successful combination of a hybrid powertrain, with a subcompact crossover for the best of many various uses. The interior is plenty roomy, with an elevated seating position for easy entry/exit, and a clear view of the road directly ahead of you. Fuel economy is rated at 52 MPG for the city, which immediately lures many to line up to purchase one. Blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning are some of the available safety tech devices on board, that will assure for you a safe trip under any circumstances.

12 years after Ford added electric assist options to its Escape, a hybridized, small utility vehicle finally gets to show its true potential with the Niro. We are adamant about just how great this vehicle is for the price, as it is much cheaper than the Nissan Rogue, and the 32-mpg RAV4 hybrids by several thousand dollars. The hybrid powertrain technology basically behaves quite similarly to a conventional gasoline-only vehicle, and rewards the buyer with high efficiency. You can fit 6 carry-on suitcases behind the rear seat, and the traditionally sharp design elements of Kia will win you over with a new Niro. It's always refreshing to see compact hybrids deliver to the max with your money's worth: ranking high on Consumer Reports is a lofty feat to be reckoned with! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Penchant For Problem-free Ownership: Kia is Ranked Most Dependable by J.D. Power Survey

Customers who have a desire to own the very best in premium vehicles are in a distinct and knowledgeable group of their own: they also have higher loyalty than volume-brand buyers. Many customers who seek us out at Jim Butler Kia also are the type who put a very high importance on a vehicle owning experience that is problem-free. Now in its third year, the J.D. Power U.K. Vehicle Dependency Study measures problems experienced during the first year of ownership, looking at 177 problems across 8 different categories.

More than 12,000 owners of new vehicles registered from February 2014 through April 2016 were the base of information for these findings. Some of the categories looked at are vehicle exterior, driving experience, features/controls/displays, audio/communication /entertainment/navigation, seats, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, vehicle interior, and transmission. The finished ranking of overall dependency is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles, with a lower number ultimately being better.

Kia and Volvo actually tied for No. 1 in vehicle dependability among every single brand, with a score of 83 PP100. Among these premium owners that have experienced nearly no problems with their vehicle, 58% say they definitely will have a lease or purchase the same brand of car again. Once an owner experiences one or more problems, that number declines to 48%. One of the reasons why we are so proud to stand behind Kia here at Jim Butler is the brand's amazing lack of design problems, and the fact that this really stands true in the long run. When a customer has an appointment for service, a design problem is sometimes not an easy fix, and if the owner has to live with said problem for the entire life span of the vehicle, they are not likely to ever go near the same brand in the future.

Surveys and reports such as this have also cited just how important customers find fuel efficiency: it is cited more than any other reason, and is the category of lowest satisfaction among those who own premium cars. Excellent and feature-filled models such as the Soul, Rondo, Optima, and Sportage are some of the highest-ranked vehicles that exist. Ranked 3 out of 19 Midsize SUV's the 2018 Kia Sorento is a wildly comfortable, top-safety scoring, and luxurious upscale ride.Car and Driver states that “transitional stability is what really sells the Stinger GT's handling credentials”, and that it's “everything you'd want in a GT car”.

If it's the Soul that ultimately moves you, come down to the lot and check out its 16-inch alloy wheels, UVO3 interface, six-speaker audio system, and Bluetooth capabilities. This is a cabin that stays very quiet on the highway, and a vehicle that was given a five-star overall safety score from the NHTSA. When equipped with the Primo package, the mid-grade Soul Plus offers up adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning for quick avoidance of dangerous scenarios. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Subcompact Sedan and Hatchback Currently Hailed: The 2018 Kia Rio Close-up + Pricing

One of the spookiest and most fun seasons is upon us at Jim Butler Kia in St Louis: we love when ghouls and ghosts rule the land, and some of the best fall-themed events in the nation take place right here in our metro. The Rizzuto Show Eat & Treat are some great family-friendly events that will take place at the Chesterfield Amphitheater, and give everyone in your troop an awesome opportunity to “get their spook on” At the Eat & Treat there will be local area food trucks sponsored by the St. Louis Food Truck Association and treats for the kids including activities, free Halloween bags, trick-or-treating and more! 

Kia customers have been mega-impressed with the very eye-catching European-inspired design, great performance stats, and low starting prices of stand-out models as of late. The Rio is a feature-rich subcompact sedan and hatchback that is a great choice for buyers looking for an entry-level vehicle, that still has higher-than average tech and handling aptitude standards in mind. Car And Driver stated that the Rio's high level of ambition for its pricing point was excellent, and that it has “a style all its own”. This was the brand we love to represent's best-selling car globally during 2017, claiming nearly 450,000 units accounted for and off the floor.

The well-seasoned team from Car And Driver took the Rio for a test drive on the brick-paved streets of Baltimore's Fells Point Neighborhood, and were very impressed with the level of abuse it took while handling numerous turns and other trials. After taking a close look at the market trends and what American consumers had on their priority list, Kia went straight for the punch, and offered a very able vehicle at a very low price. LX trim levels begin at $13,900 on the sedan and $14,200 for the 5-door, S trim levels begin at $16,100 for the sedan, and $16,400 for the 5-door, and the EX trim begins at $18,400 for the sedan, and $18,700 for the 5-door.

The fourth-generation Rio available during the coming year has significant improvement over its predecessor in passenger comfort, technology options, and overall design elements. Raising the bar in the small-car segment is what customers are looking for as many become more value-conscious: the bottom line is more important than ever when It comes to a new car transaction. Safety features such as rear-view camera system, and audio devices like a six-speaker stereo with satellite radio are what is offered on the tech side of things, while the EX trim level provides sheer upper-end gadgetry for fans of the best in automotive existence.

Come check these high-octane yet practical vehicles out during the coming fall season, and see how this upper-level trim experience provides you a 7-inch floating touchscreen interface, UVO3 voice recognition infotainment system, and Apple CarPlay capabilities. The vehicle choice for you could be the one that has a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: make us a stop along your fall sightseeing itinerary, and take in just how spectacular the Rio's vibe and veracity is!