Thursday, December 20, 2012

Employee Spotlight- Lucy Crain

Jim Butler Kia welcomes Lucy Crain!

Lucy Crain is the Jim Butler Kia Employee of the Month and the newest employee at Jim Butler Kia. She started working as the night time receptionist back in October and has been a huge help ever since! Lucy is currently a student at Fontbonne University, majoring in business administration. 

She's busy balancing work and school, but in Lucy's free time she enjoys reading non-fiction, horseback riding at her aunt's farm, and baking. Lucy is also a die-hard supporter of the Blues and Cardinals. Going to St. Louis Blues and Cardinals games are some of here favorite things to do when the teams are in town. She can't wait for the Blues to come back and play, especially her favorite player, Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak. 

Since there's no hockey or baseball right now, Lucy enjoys winding down after work and class by watching funny movies and television dramas like Grey's Anatomy.

Favorite vehicles of the past and present:

Past- 2002 Ford F-250 (she drove one for awhile, but it was too big)
A large F-250

Present- 2011 Mazda 3

Saying to live by: "Never Settle"