Thursday, February 20, 2014

Customer Spotlight- Peter and Kathleen Passanisi

Peter Passanisi and his wife Kathleen, just purchased their third KIA from Jim Butler. They long awaited the 2014 KIA Soul, but also had a particular color in mind. The rare "Alien Green" color option wasn't going to be available until late production but Peter was patient for the vehicle. Pete's salesman, Mike McLean, kept them updated each week on the progress of the vehicle. Short and sweet messages like "It's in production", "It's on the boat", "It's in the shipyard awaiting transport" and finally "It's HERE!"

Peter and Kathleen are lifelong residents of the St. Louis area, with Peter growing up on "The Hill". Later, after their daughter moved away they decided to move out the Lake St. Louis. They absolutely love having the lake just steps away from their backdoor. Kathleen says they often entertain at their home since Peter is so enthusiastic about cooking fine foods. If they ever do go out, they like to go to Pasta Ria in Clayton.

These two are a very unique couple, with Kathleen being a motivational speaker and owner of "New Perspectives". Kathleen is a published author, humorist and in the Speaker Hall of Fame. She focuses on life balance, therapeutic speech, change management and much more. Peter runs the publishing side of things at Movere Publishing. They specialize in taking your book idea and making it real.

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