Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The K900- Media Test-Drive- Jim Butler KIA

The KIA K900 is expected to arrive exclusively at Jim Butler KIA in St. Louis sometime this spring and the anticipation is building.  Recently 8 different automotive journalists from different publications were able to test- drive the new KIA K900 luxury sedan, and so far all reviews have been positive.

Automobile - “Prepare to be amazed by this unexpected, stately, substantial sedan.” 

Car & Driver – “It’s an honest-to-goodness luxury car – from Kia. The K900 could be the car that changes Kia forever.”

Auto Trader - “We like the K900’s look and handling better than the Lexus LS460. It also strikes a better ride/handling balance than the BMW 7series… Plus, the average shopper would be shocked at what kind of features a $75,000 BMW sedan doesn’t offer as standard equipment…” 

Edmund’s – “In the swanky valet circle, the K900 has all the presence of the German sedans parked in the distance… The 2015 Kia K900 plays the role of premium luxury sedan very convincingly.”

Autoblog – “On the move, the K900 calms its occupants with steady power and a supremely hushed compartment that smothers road imperfections and wind and road noise with equal faculty. Its stiff chassis, copious amounts of sound deadening and laminated glass all conspire to blot out what’s happening below the tires and ahead of the windshield like few other luxury sedans at any price.”

Kelley Blue Book – “The K900 is handsome inside and out; it offers a very high level of fit-and-finish plus quality materials; it is filled to the brim with luxury equipment, and it drives with the competent demeanor of a vehicle that is completely sure of itself.”

Yahoo! Autos – “There are two things everyone should take away from this review: The 2015 Kia K900 is a true luxury car, and yes, it is a Kia… And no, those two things are not mutually exclusive.”

The Car Connection – “…Kia’s new K900 luxury sedan is probably most comparable to those from another formerly upstart make, Lexus……it’s a stake in the ground, a first effort to highlight the brand’s upmarket aspirations – and light-years away from the simple affordable models with which Kia built its brand in the US.”

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