Friday, June 30, 2017

J.D. Power's Initial Quality Nameplate Rankings Boasts Kia at the top for Year #2

Claiming the most vehicles of any Nameplate on the J.D. Power Study is quite an achievement: it makes complete sense that one of the most important ways to rank vehicles for consumers is in regards to how many documented problems they have. It excites us greatly that last year, Kia ranked highest in the entire industry, and improved 11 whole points. Owners reported having fewer issues with their Kia vehicles within the first 3 months of ownership than any other brand, an important trait in any car ranking. The Soul, Forte, Cadenza, Niro, and Sorento all were at the top of their respective categories, and the Cadenza nabbed the startling achievement of having the lowest average number of problems among every single model ranked in the study.

The jump in improvement to just 72 problems per 100 vehicles is the best nameplace performance for any brand within the last two decades of the study, which is driven by five unique awards. When Kia beat out the entire other list of competitors in last year's Quality Study, many wondered if our brand would come back swinging so strong for a second year. The craftmanship the team members instill into every single car is a symbol of the pride and top-notch skills that it takes to give Kia cars the predominant – ranking prowess they always deliver.

This annual report analyzes responses from 77,415 respondents, and encompasses 243 different vehicle models across 26 segments. The vehicles evaluated were done so based on driving experience, performance of engine and transmission, and a large range of problem symptoms reported by the numerous owners of vehicles. This year's findings revealed that audio/communication/entertainment issues continue to be the most common for owners of brand-new vehicles. On the bright side, it has also improved drastically within the last year. Cruise control and collision-avoidance / alert systems are some of the areas where new vehicles struggle, and have difficulty keeping free and clear of reported issues.

In many circumstances, multiple features are worth the hassle, but the more complicated a vehicle is, the more potential it has for problems. We will tell anyone that walks in the dealership here that it's going to be a pleasure to navigate the St. Louis Metro with a vehicle you can rely on, and one that is ranking on the front lines and known for minimal hassle. The eight problem categories that are asked about are designed to provide manufacturers with information that helps identify problems quickly, and propel quickly the ultimate drive of the product's long-term improvement.

The last thing we want to have happen to you as you are getting ready to enjoy an event-filled St. Louis summer is for you to obtain a vehicle that doesn't cut it for you during your first time increment of ownership. We understand that having a technical issue within the first 90 days is not going to make you feel confident about your future, and provide a hassle for your schedule. Choosing a Kia secures your future of ownership with the best in the business, and we are happy to provide the most resilient and well-built auto out there. Consistently ranking above par off the starting line is a necessary trait for a repeat purchase, and we can't wait to show you just how accessible and A-list champion your next Kia purchase will be.