Tuesday, August 8, 2017

KIA Trio Hailed as Segment Winners in 2017 J.D. Power Performance, Execution, and Layout Study

The Niro, Soul, and Kia Cadenza have all been making waves in the marketplace quite heavily: J.D. Power APEAL Awards came out with all them snagging the best in their specific genres. The Niro grabbed accolades in the Small SUV segment, The Soul Dominated the Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle segment, and the Cadenza presided at the top of the list for the Large Car Segment. For the second year in a row, Kia Motors was ranked the absolute highest in the industry, and all 3 Kia APEAL study segment winners were also IQS segment winners.

Here on the lot as every new day presents us with opportunities to link people up with great cars in the St. Louis metro, we recognize that buyers today have more choices than ever before. They are looking for vehicles that offer first-class design, technology, efficiency, and amenities that really shine. More consumers looking for a smooth and safe commute are finding KIA every day, and realizing just how incredibly well these cars are fating against the competition.

The Niro cross over hybrid performed a noticeably large 51 points total aboce other average models within its segment. The Cadenza also dominated highly within its own segment, surpassing the average model's score by 27 points. The Soul has always been a hefty favorite with consumers who march to a slightly different beat, and this year it nailed down its fifth APEAL Award. This solidifies its position as the vehicle with the most APEAL awards in Kia's entire lineup of cars, and it is the only care with a spot in the Compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle category to score above its segment average.

The J.D. Powers APEAL study measure new-vehicle owners' overall running level of satisfaction with their vehicles during the first 3 months of ownership. This is such a crucial time when you really think about it: this is when the owner gets the most drastic first impression, that determines or not they would have recommend the car to a friend. It also determines whether or not they would choose to purchase the car again themselves, which we understand so much of our business at Jim Butler derives from.

Hailed by Car and Driver as "The fully realized execution that could elevate the hybrid crossover to widespread adoption", the Niro is rated at 50 MPG. Most likely causing many consumers heads to turn immediately, it is the true face-to-face contender of the supposedly savvy and dapper Toyota Prius. CNBC calls the Cadenza a "Spacious boat of a car with great value", with a true difference in identify. Motor Trend calls the Soul "Stylish and Surprisingly practical": make sure you take some xtra time over the coming month to see us at Jim Butler, and find out how a new Kia car will add a deliberate sense of direction to your fall driving itinerary.